Custom Girl Scout Patches

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  Girl scout patches have definitely changed over the years.  Where once upon a time a young lady had to suffice with token badges proclaiming their expertise, current girl scouts can enjoy treats and treasures like custom scout patches.  From embroidered patches to quilted shoulder sashes, today’s girl scouts have so much to be thankful for.As technology has changed so has the world of embroidery.  It used to be that patches were flat and totally devoid of frills.  That is no longer the case.  With all of the computer technology of today’s current world, embroidery has definitely gone upscale.  Today’s computer programming allows designs of just about any sort to be created.  If you can dream it, you can design a patch that brings your vision to light.  One of the lucky recipients of that technology is the girl scouts.  Gone are plain flat badges that pronounce a young lady’s expertise in a specific area.  Today’s custom scout patches are the things that little girls dream of.  If a young lady dreams of one day becoming an astronomer, she can have a patch for that.  If she loves jamborees, she can achieve a badge at each jamboree that she attends.  If soap box derby racing is her thing, she is now able to proudly where a patch proclaiming her expertise in this area.  If she attends a girl scout leaders day, chances are that she will walk away with a leaders badge.  For young ladies that survive camp, a camp survivor badge can be hers.  No matter where her talents lie, she is able to achieve success and show it off.  Parents can proudly display her achievement badges.  School mates can envy them.  Just because a young lady achieves a merit badge, she does not necessarily have to sew it onto a garment.  A current trend that is hugely popular is to collect patches in scrapbooks.  Page after page can be filled with all of her accumulated success souvenirs.  Accompanied with puffy page adornments, cute character cut outs and scrap booking accessories of all sorts, her patches can be shown off in all of their glory.  Each page can contain one badge surrounded by coordinating accents.  For young girls that are over achievers, more than one patch can be on each page.  If she has achieved it, she can show it off any way she likes.For talented young girls the wonderful new custom scout patches are a girls best friend.