Military Patches

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For those who are proud of their military unit and their Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy or Marine career, here at we will design custom military patches. We also provide custom unit patches for law enforcement officers as well.   These hand embroidered uniform decorations are designed according to the wishes of you the buyer, and can beautifully enhance any official wardrobe. Soldiers and sailors the world over proudly display their custom military patches. The patches are available for fire fighters, ROTC, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts as well. They can be designed to adhere with Velcro or to be sewn on.Army patches made to specification, for example, might display the Airborne insignia, the Old Ironsides name and red, blue and gold design of that armored division, or could be an OIF or OND unit patch.  A Navy pilot of the 7th Bomber Wing might have a beautiful hand-created white, blue and gold crest with the unit's Mors Abalto (Death From Above) slogan emblazoned on his or her custom unit patch. Proud shipmates aboard the USS Admiral Perry might decide together to design a flattering and unique display of the ship they all love, have her name included on the patch, and order it in bulk for all USS Perry sailors to wear on their dress uniforms.Nor is it difficult to get a custom patch or insignia for one or multiple members of the military. Our creative patch design firm can work with simple hand-drawn or computerized drawings or digitally-developed images.  They can be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to us. The turnaround varies from 12-48 hours depending on urgency and difficulty of design. You only needs to decide, beyond design, is the fabric, the font, the colors, the total size of the patch and its shape.Custom unit patches are not just about pride. They are also about career advancement. Soldiers, sailors, and peace officers that go the extra mile to look sharp and to show pride in their unit stand out when their commanding officers and other higher-ups consider promotions and training towards advancement.  Custom military patches say "I love my job and I am a proud Solider."Go ahead and request a Free No Obligation Quote by clicking here