Embroidered Patches and how there made

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An embroidered patch is an embroidered design on a material backing often refered to as a twill or in simplier terms a canvas material.  The design is often stitched through the material creating a patch.  the amount of embordery that is applied to the material usually fall into 3 categories 50%, 75%, and 100%.  This refers to how much of the actual patch is embroidered rather than counting stitches.  The 100% is a fully embroidered patch meaning the patch is covered in thread which looks the best and give a higher qualtity. Next step down would be a 75% embroidered patch this simply means that the primary background color will be a solid twill and not embroidered.  The the 50% embroidered which is usually a very basic patch usually a name or an in memory patch falls into this category.Manufacture Custom Embroidered PatchesManufacture is done by hand, using a machine, or in a factory with computer digitization. The twill, forms the support and is ideally suited for the embroidered design using thread. Most companies use Rayon and polyester for there threads and most of these don't hold up very well to washings or abrasion. Priceless Patches has a proprietary nylon blend of thread we came up with for the military application these threads we now use for all of our embroidered patches.  The benefits of using our threads is they hold up much longer, never bleed even in hot washings, abrasion resistant and in standard cases 50 times better than the best rayon threads.Application of Custom PatchesIron On Package, Velcro Backing,  and standard Sew On are the most common patch backing types. The Iron On Package can be applied with heat from a household iron, but we recommend using a Heat Press to apply as it applies even pressure and heat. Velcro patches are most widely used for the military ACU uniforms that already have a Velcro loop these can come in either hook only or hook and loop. Sew On or Standard Cloth backed patches are simply applied with fabric glue or sewn on. A list of other backing options are Adhesive Sticker, and PVC Plastic.The Other types of PatchesEmbroidered patches have the classic texture we are used to however there are limitations with regards to small detail. This has created need for methods such as Dye sublimation which create photographic detail and woven patches or woven labels these look similar to embroidered patches but allow small lettering and finer details.