Embroidered vs Woven

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Embroidered vs Woven  Whether it is for a Boy Scout troop or a soccer team, a promotional event or advertising, or simply a household, many groups or families decide on custom patches to do the job. When considering these, it is important to know and understand the difference between custom embroidered patches and custom woven patches to make the best and most well informed decision for the needs of the group. Some of the primary differences in these two kinds is how they are made, the look and the difference in price.  Custom embroidered patches are stitched more densely than custom woven patches and a thick embroidery thread is used. With these pieces, the threads are thicker which imparts a certain lift and three dimensional look to the patch. These use a backing, like a cotton canvas, which the threads are embroidered onto, and they are often put on the outside of clothes or bags. Many people like this traditional look and the high quality of custom embroidery; these are the traditional type.However, if detail is a priority, than the better choice may be woven patches. These are thinner than the embroidered ones and the fine, graphic detail will show up better. Sometimes if the detail is very precise, the embroidery thread cannot create the desired look. Woven patches also come in different materials such as cotton, satin and damask. Size may be a consideration as well. With a woven patch, because of the material and creation process, a patch can be made in much smaller size without losing integrity, even down to half of an inch. Unlike an embroidered patch, these can go on the inside of clothing as they are thinner and do not have the structured back as well as the outside. They are very similar to the labels inside of clothes.  If in a hurry to have patches made, embroidery may be better because they can be made quicker than woven ones, often in half of the time. With concern to price, woven can also be about the same costs; it is worth it to weight which ones you require.